The Staff


The Manager and Chef at Miss Daisy's Kitchen, Mark managed restaurants and bars in Colorado before joining the Kitchen in 2018. When he's not cooking, you'll find him skiing or hiking.


The Chef behind the Kitchen’s popular Beef Casserole and Lemon Squares, Anne served her culinary apprenticeship at the Opryland Hotel.


The newest cook at the Kitchen, Brian began working in restaurants (from Dairy Queens to steak houses) at age 16. He modestly admits to playing a "mean game" of table tennis.


Often the first face that greets visitors to Miss Daisy's Kitchen, Genie is a Franklin native (a rare breed these days), who recently moved back home from Lexington, Kentucky. 


Veronica learned to cook as an apprentice in Miss Daisy's Kitchen. The first thing she made -- Chicken Salad -- is still her favorite. When not working in he Kitchen, she loves to read thrillers.


Emily is a manager in the kitchen and runs Miss Daisy's social media and marketing. She loves Miss Daisy’s customers and is passionate about good food and community.


An aspiring chef who looks forward to going to culinary school after graduation from Franklin High School, Ansley works both in the kitchen (Chive Potato Salad is her specialty) and front of the house. 


A junior at Franklin High School and an avid reader (favorite authors are J.K. Rawlings and C.S. Lewis), Emma checks out customers and makes certain the Kitchen's shelves are always stocked.


Jan was taught to bake by her maternal grandmother and cook by her fraternal grandmother. The Kitchen's Jackson Pie and Five Flavor Pound Cake are her personal favorites.