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Miss Daisy's Healthy Southern Cooking


Famous for its rich flavor and comforting qualities, Southern food is also notorious for its high fat content. Miss Daisy’s Healthy Southern Cooking offers delicious family friendly alternatives to popular Southern dishes from Pimento Cheese, Southern Corn Pudding and Georgia Peach Muffins to Shrimp Creole, Miss Daisy’s Favorite Chicken Salad, Key Lime Pie and Chocolate Mousse.


More than just a cookbook, Miss Daisy’s Healthy Southern Cooking is also a guide to a healthy lifestyle with helpful hints on how to shop for groceries, plan menus, dine at restaurants, order fast food, and understand nutrition labels. It’s a revelation for anyone who wants to eat Southern and eat healthy.


All of Miss Daisy's cookbooks may be purchased at Miss Daisy's Kitchen.
Shipping is available throughout the US.

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