Anne: The cook behind the Kitchen’s popular Eggplant Parmesan and Spinach Lasagna with Alfredo Sauce, she served her culinary apprenticeship at the Opryland Hotel.

Julie: A self-described “foodie,” she’s a passionate organic gardener with a special affinity for Heirloom tomatoes.

Kristin: The mother of two daughters, she’s an avid amateur gardener and has a particular love for hydrangeas — “a beautiful reminder of the times my family and I spent on Nantucket.”

Pam: When not making (and enjoying) the Chilled Broccoli Salad, she’s a wife and mother of two boys as well as a successful freelance writer.

Drew: A senior at Franklin High School who’s looking forward to studying sports medicine in college, his specialty is Miss Daisy’s famous Twice Baked Potatoes

Lynn: A former steeplechase jockey and Hunter/Jumper rider, Lynn raises chickens and racing pigeons on her farm in Franklin.

Paul: Known to regular customers as “Chop Chop” for his fancy knife and prep skills, he’s a native Middle Tennessean and lifelong New York Yankees fan.

Wanda: When not making Sausage and Biscuits for the breakfast rush, she enjoys watching “CSI” and “Law and Order.”
…. and Miss Daisy King
                                                                                      Photo: Will Jordan